Anyone with a website who is not running Analytics and checking it themselves is missing out. It would be like driving a car at night without lights.
Analytics is a mess of numbers and statistics, it is not everyone's favourite read. However, the very least you should be checking is how many clicks you get and how they may relate to something you have done in your business or website.
In wanting to help you take your business forward on the internet, traffic derived from analytics is the metric I primarily use.
The greatest single problem, and one faced by even the biggest firms, is relating this data to your business activities and ultimately your cash register.
Most service providers  fail to adequately address this issue. I can't pretend it is easy or I know the answers, if I did I would be literally printing money. However, I can claim that attempting to address this issue is at the heart of what I do.
Sign up to most service providers and they essentially want to provide you a particular service. Do you need SEO? do you need PPC, SSL, CMS, the list is endless. You pay £x and hopefully wait for business to roll in. It may, there again it may not be enough extra business to justify the cost. You can end up making less than £x, and that is a loss!
Analytics can tell us not only how many people visited your website, but a lot more about them. Are they men, young people, from particular areas and more.
Analytics can tell us how these people behaved, how many pages they viewed and for how long. Are they using mobiles? A classic is that a site performing poorly on mobile will have poorer analytics than for desktop, and yet that mobile prospect might actually be walking past your door and hence a higher value prospect.
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