SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization".
SEO is probably one of the most mis-sold topics in internet marketing. The lure of free organic traffic can seem irresistible.
SEO for competitive keywords is extremely difficult and usually requires continued maintenance as Google algorithyms and markets change. It is in short, expensive and generally the domain of larger companies.
Two aspects of SEO may be achievable however. One is long tail keywords, say with four or five words in them that are not so often used, low traffic, but get a few of them and you can be in business.
The second is local search, as search engines now often detect a local relevance to some searches and will show local businesses on first page listings.
SEO has three main elements.
1. A technical audit. Does the site's coding tick all the right boxes.
2. Content. The presence of keywords are various locations in the text and content of the webpage. Beware "keyword stuffing" can cause a website to fall in rank (spamming out.)
3. Links. The more your website is linked by others, especially sites with "authourity", the higher it's likely to rank. (Quite apart from driving useful traffic to your site.)
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