Small Businesses and the Web

If you run a small business, with or without a website, and find the rapid pace of internet change confusing, welcome!

Whatever your business, you will have a web profile somewhere.

It should be able to help your business.
Even if you don't have a website, you should feature in directories and social media such as Google MyBusiness and Facebook.

Does a business need a website?

Probably not for a corner shop or local pub, just work on your local profile. We can offer a cheap cost effective service to help you with this.

How does a website pay?

This is a hard question for large companies, more difficult for smaller ones. Basically take an estimate of what share of your gross margin derives from the internet.

For a small ecommerce business, this will be close to 100%, for a local pub just a few %. For a pub offering more, events, accomodation etc, this can go up considerably.

A builder with a gross margin of £50k might derive 20% of his business from the web, so a website could be worth up to £10K for him. Certainly enough to work on it!

Website Monitor analyses your site monthly and works out what works and what doesn't work so well.

How do you make your website pay?

This is easy, just call Website Associates!