Google Ads

Paying for ads is a difficult concept when so much web traffic is free. However, it is more than just about generating traffic, though that in itself should be profitable.
Done properly, Google Ads is a good way to align your website to your prospective customers on a cost effective basis.
Not done properly, it is likely to simply generate Google money.
First of all ads can be at the top of the page, they get first go at a prospect. Even if you are fortunate to have the top organic slot on that search, the ad gives you extra. Rather than look at it as paying for a click you may have had anyhow, it is better to think of it as paying for a click your competitor doesn't get.
Of course if you don't have a top five ranking for that search, the ad is the only traffic you may get.
I also tend to regard a search page on Google as "real estate", take up as much of it as you can!
Google Ads is more than just traffic. Whilst a given site might do well on some search words, Google Ads lets you explore just about any word.
A word of warning, when I first started with Google Ads, I felt it was a case of playing ball with them, and they will hit you with a bat. In other words a lot of trust in Google is required, and they will willingly take any amount of your money if you throw it away.

Anyone can set up on Google Ads, though it can be complex. Google  now tend to push a simpler version called Adword Express - personally I find the lack of controls on it can make it expensive.
My service is more than just selling you ads, it's a fundamental root and branch appraisal of how your business can perform on the internet. Ads might not even be viable for you, that's why I start with a Consultation, so I can find out about your business and you can find out how to take it forward on the internet.
Furthermore my service is primarily educational, I will take you through the various steps and strategies to set up a good adword campaign so you should be able to maintain it yourself in the future. My service includes ongoing advice and help if needed.
Google Ads Set up is £250, which includes 12 monthly reports and editing, as Ads are a continuous process of optimising and adapting. Google Ad fees are additional to this, you determine your budget by reviewing the benefits to your business, this service is aimed at the smaller business typically spending £20 to £250 per month. Larger accounts would require a more involved and time consuming service.
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