Website Monitor

Improve the performance of your website, get more traffic, get the right traffic, get the people who are going to buy of you or use your services.
Google Analytics is simply the most powerful website tool on the planet. Connect everything else you do in your business or online by analysing your site and traffic and making it work together.
This is not "SEO", this is about connecting your real world business to your online version and making it work for you. Do ads pay? Does social media work for me? Website Monitor is about answering these questions and more.
Most websites significantly under perform. It's no good having a beautiful website if no one looks at it. It's no good paying for lots of clicks if the phone or till doesn't ring.
At only £20 per month, plus a £25 set up fee, this could well be the best investment you have ever made on your website.
I'm a qualified Analyst, harness the power of Google Analytics (It tracks everything the comes to your website, including Bing, Yahoo, Facebook etc, not just Google.) Call me on 07426 714154 or Email now and probably make your best business decision this year.